LIVE LETTERS presents: The Farewell Circuit!

minneapolis house concerts It's been awhile and we're ready for another great LIVE LETTERS show!

We're so excited to announce that The Farewell Circuit is kicking off our new concert series of one-band house shows. For those of you familiar with our EVENING WITH FRIENDS series, these are going to be even smaller and more intimate, and we'll have the opportunity to bring the full band in and let them do their thing.

If you've seen The Farewell Circuit before, you know what a great show this is going to be. If you haven't: get excited, you're in for a treat!


DATE // November 8, 2012

TIME // 7 pm

CASH // 10 bucks (flat! no more extra ticket fees!)

TICKETS // Limited. There will be about half as many available as with EVENING WITH FRIENDS.

LOCATION // To be announced upon ticket purchase.

ETC // If you're interested in partaking in some libations while enjoying these sounds, feel free to BYO.

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