LIVE LETTERS is a passion project by a couple of live music lovers. We host small concerts in alternative spaces around town and also document live music at traditional venues in Minneapolis.



LIVE LETTERS was the brainchild of Sara Montour and Steve Korf. Sara and Steve have been attending and documenting concerts together (Sara through photography, and Steve through live audio) for 10+ years and have been plotting and dreaming of a project like LIVE LETTERS for most of that time. Finally in 2012 they decided to put some of those plans into action when they launched the LIVE LETTERS site and held their first Evening With Friends. Shortly after that they also joined forces with local live sound genius, Charlie Garetz, who's been making the shows sound incredible ever since. 


What's 'An Evening With Friends'?

An Evening With Friends is a concert series we started shortly after launching our site. Each EVENING WITH FRIENDS is hosted by a musician that then hand-selects other songwriters + friends to join them for the evening. All of the musicians are on stage together for the evening, playing songs in a round robin style concert. These nights are amazing for being introduced to new artists, watching collaboration between musicians, and being part of something truly unique.


What's 'LIVE LETTERS presents:'?

Our "LIVE LETTERS presents:" shows are more similar to your average concert, with full band sets. Because it's a LIVE LETTERS show, though, expect the sets to be more stripped down and acoustic, with a lot of room for surprises and collaboration between everyone in the room. 


So... it's a house show?

In a lot of ways, yes, but we can accomodate more people than your average house show and we also bring in a PA and a sound tech, so the shows sound amazing while still maintaining the small, community feel of a house show. Our hope for every show is to bridge the gap between an intimate house show and an organized, great-sounding traditional venue, and to provide a space for musicians to share their music to a quiet, focused, attentive audience.